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Hand Held Cable TV Collection Machine (Offline Version)

This Hand Held Cable TV Collection Machine is a small portable device which is made for cable operators to collect their monthly, quarterly, yearly collection from subscriber's at their door steps. This machine Is developed to make collection easy in the field and to reduce paper work or filling.

Features (Combination Of CTVSIS Software and Machine)

  • This cable TV collection machine is easy to operate and it will save data entry time by directly importing data through Serial or USB cable which will avoid any data entry errors.
  • Separate user or collection agents can operate this machine with their separate login ID and password.
  • Subscribers data from CTVSIS software can be exported into collection machine from computer and given to collection agent for collection.
  • When data is exported into machine it will have each subscriber's account details i.e. Subscriber ID, Name, Due balance ,etc.
  • When Collection agents is done with his daily collection than at the end of the day, Operator can simply import his whole day collection data from machine into CTVSIS software.
  • This machine can generate several types of reports i.e. Subscriber Wise, Collection Wise, Day Wise, etc which are very much useful for the owner to track down the collection done by the agents under the owner.
  • If machine is GPRS enabled SMS can be sent to subscriber's as well as owner.

Features (Machine)

  • Compact and Stylish
  • Easy Paper Loading
  • Large Graphic Display
  • Alphanumeric key board having capability of 1 million operations
  • Automatic & intelligent power shutdown for extended operation
  • Cutter for easy tearing of receipt
  • RS232 port for PC connectivity
  • Push – Pull data facility through GPRS
  • Direct Operational Keypad
  • Fast Thermal Printer
  • Built-in Modem (GPRS) (optional)
  • More than 10-12 hours of operation with single full charge
  • Data preservation for more than 10 years
  • Intelligent & Fast battery charger
  • High Speed USB/Serial interface
  • POS disable facility through GPRS possible.

Technical Specifications (Machine)

  Processor : 32 bit Arm Processor
  Data Memory : 8 MB RAM (Expandable up to 16 MB)
  Display : Graphic LCD display with minimum 128 x 64 pixels
  Key Pad : Alphanumeric key board having capability of 1million operations
  Printer : Thermal Printer (Fujitsu / APS ) 2/3” Inch
  Paper : Roll size to print at least 200 tickets per roll. Fast speed
  Battery : Minimum of 300/500 recharge life-cycle for battery cells.
  More than 10-12 hours of operation with single full charge.
  Power & Battery 
: Soft touch power on-off control for easy operation. 
  Automatic & intelligent power shutdown for extended operation.
  Communication Ports : RS232/USB port for PC connectivity.
  Charger : AC Intelligent Charger working from 140 to 280 volts
  Weight : 500 gm(Approx)
  Size : 230 X 84 X 40 mm
  Warranty : The warranty will be for 1 year as per standard norms.
  warranty for hardware & software, including battery and printer